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Brandon Computer Repairs is one of the few companies in the Tampa Bay area that focuses on computer repairs for home users and small businesses. A major aspect of our focus is to make everyday computing easy and fun. After all, the computer is our daily companion, whether we use it to write semester papers, pay bills, listen to music or just browse the internet.

Get together with your friends at Brandon Gaming Lounge. We have carefully selected an assortment of party games for your circle of friends to choose from. These games were hand picked so anyone can pick up a controller and start playing. With games like Mario Kart, Scene it, and Castle Crashers, there is no need to learn difficult controls, have great hand-eye coordination, or be an expert shooter. Just come and have fun with your friends!

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It is hard to overestimate the benefits of a simple tune-up for your PC. This includes cleanup of unnecessary computer files, registry, defragmentation, management of startup items that may slow down your computer, and application of the latest patches and updates. We will also refer you to downloads of free spyware and virus prevention programs. This essential service runs at a low price of $40.

If your computer is already infected, we will remove the annoying pop-ups, malware, spyware and viruses that slow down your computer, and can also compromise your privacy and identity.

If Windows will not start or you see the infamous blue screen of death -- not to worry. Brandon Computer Repairs can fix your computer and get it up and running in no time. We will also provide you with useful tips and tools for keeping your system running smoothly and maintenance-free.

If you are reading this, chances are you have already talked to the geniuses at the apple store and they either told you that your Apple Mac cannot be repaired or quoted you an astronomical amount to fix the unit. Well, we are here to help you! We can fix most Macintosh issues for a fraction of the price of the Apple Store.

Finally you donít have to ship your gaming console to the manufacturer and wait for 2 months to get it fixed. Now we offer gaming console repair right here in our computer shop. We specialize in repairs for XBOX 360 Red Ring of Death, Play Station 3 (PS3) Yellow Light of Death, PS3 not reading games, Wii Repair and much more...

So, whether you're having a small issue or dealing with a major disaster, Brandon Computer Repairs is there to help you. Contact us now for questions and estimates.

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